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Your Local Real Estate Agent

I am a dedicated mom of four, and now a thing or two about hard work. Real Estate/Customer Service is something that is done from the heart, my passion is to change peoples lives have an impact on securing their financial future by helping them find the home they love.  The stories I have heard, the doubt that some people have in their ability to be a home owner, touches me and I have seen my father come from a place in life to another which allowed him to secure a comfortable net worth just by owning a home. I believe you can too, I will be patient, understanding, professional, and disciplined and excited for you to help you get there.

But I'm not simply a piece of hardware you can point at a house. I'm a human who laughs and smiles, and I'll take the time to find out what you really need most from me as a professional real estate agent. If you would like to know anything about my services, or if you'd like to hear about the local market from a human voice, please contact me at your convenience.

Some words that might be used to describe me:


  • Friendly
  • Professional
  • Enthusiastic
  • Humble
  • Thorough
  • Attentive